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[29 Jan 2010|08:06am]
I don't do anything over here anymore. You can find me over yonder if you so choose:

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true confession [06 Feb 2009|05:50pm]
I am totally into The Real World: Brooklyn. And I think Livejournal is the best place to make this confession. All the characters get along. Even the douchey ones are totally loveable, and I have a huge crush on Sara and Ryan. Plus there's a transgender character! BAMMMMMMM
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grocery store ramblings [02 Dec 2008|07:38pm]
Sunday night I witnessed a woman come into the grocery store, ask where the books are, then take one and leave completely without paying. The people working didn't even get mad. I bet they see way crazier stuff all the time.

Tonight after I left the grocery store, I heard someone laugh who sounded EXACTLY like this girl I know. But it wasn't her. It was an impostor of mirth. By the way I never knew where they keep the honey until now. (By the peanut butter and jams...makes sense but I looked by the ketchup and BBQ sauce first, then the salad dressings, then the baking section).

When you mutter "pork and beans" to yourself in a silly voice on your walk home, it will make you feel crazy. Luckily no one was around to hear.
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uggh [21 Oct 2008|08:02pm]
uggh Bon Iver in fall uggh uggh.
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I don't understand how things are lost in a room as small as mine. [19 Oct 2008|08:07pm]
I somehow misplaced my goddamn MC hammer pants!!!!!!! They better turn up before Halloween.

Goals for this week:
-purchase digital camera
-purchase Duraflame log and make fire in fireplace
-get library card for the sweetest library in American that I haven't even visited since moving here even though it is only like four blocks away and the NYPL IS MY FUCKING LOCAL LIBRARY
-carve pumpkin

Maybe by recording my goals somewhere, I will actually achieve them.
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Wilton [31 Aug 2008|07:29am]
I am hibernating in Wilton for the long weekend. Big changes afoot consist of perfect cell phone service in my house (it was a dead-zone my entire life) and there being two boutiques in town called "Snappy Gator" and "Witchy Poo." Not to mention the long-lived "Chou-Chou." Seriously: wtf?

While I'm here my goals consist of painting this junk shop frame for my room, re-potting my cactus, and cleaning/riding my bicycle. All things are on the verge of being accomplished. Talk about Connecticut!
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Martha's Vineyard [26 Aug 2008|07:32pm]
Last Thursday I accepted a long-stemmed rose from one of the members of Boyz II Men while they serenaded the crowd with, "I'll Make Love to You." I brought the rose all the way home with me and it is sitting on my dresser. Good times.

Being outside for an entire weekend and waking up and making eggs mixed with the vegetables straight from Whitney's garden really reminded me how much I miss being outside with green things. Living in the city gets to me sometimes. How am I 'sposed to camp?! The humanity!

It took me 22.5 years to discover that I have curly hair. In other news, I really want to start watching Mad Men.
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I want to livejournal again. [21 Aug 2008|08:25am]
This is me making an attempt.

I am going to Martha's Vineyard today to visit my dear friend and see Boyz II Men. I kind of don't want the summer to end even though I love the fall. I kind of don't want to turn 23. I kind of love hyphy music right now. I am kind of SUPER excited for the ferry ride. I am also reading Gone with the Wind which is like a 960 page novel. I wish girls still had to wear bodices because I think they'd make my boobs look pretty sweet but I sure am glad we don't have to act demure anymore. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk about farts.
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kind of inadvertently gave up on LJ [03 Aug 2008|09:54pm]
I am still alive and things are real good.
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I just signed a two-year lease. [20 Apr 2008|10:28am]
I am moving out of my parents' spot officially on May 3rd. Into a townhouse. We have the entire third floor. My bedroom is microscopic but I don't care because there are two fireplaces! TWO!

Yesterday I saw Trey Anastasio walking down Third Avenue. Later on I was at a party and caught a guy rifling through my purse. I narrowly avoided getting my iPod stolen probably.

This weather is out of this world!
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I do not want to jinx myself [14 Apr 2008|07:57am]
Something really really good might be happening May 3rd. More than "might" but less than "definitely" so I'm not toasting to anything yet.

I can feel the weather finally getting warm. I probably spent 80% of Saturday outdoors and walked maybe a total of 6 miles around the city. Things are grand.
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Lifetime dropped the Golden Girls. [08 Apr 2008|08:28am]
Seriously what the hell?
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Half Nelson [13 Mar 2008|07:47am]
It's kind of an anti-climactic movie but it reminded me of how much I love "You Forgot it in People."

My buddy Nick is staying with me right now and it reminded me of how much I love living with someone. We made sloppy joes and it reminded me of how good they are.

I am moving out of my parents' apartment May 1 (officially? But I don't want to jinx it)...

My job has been going well - I need to spend less time on gchat but sometimes I legit have very little work to do so I read every single story on nytimes.com (except for the sports section) and every post on Gothamist.

I have been thinking seriously (fairly seriously?) about getting my MLIS and becoming a librarian. I can strangely see myself working in a library for the rest of my life and being pretty content with that. Maybe...who knows...I change my life plan every other week. Last month I wanted to go into viral marketing.

I wish grad school was free and took like 3 months to complete. Then I wouldn't be so wishy-washy about what to do with my life.

Whatevs I'm only twenty-two. Blah.
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uggh [24 Feb 2008|12:02pm]
god damnit
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My life is moving at 90 miles per hour. [18 Feb 2008|06:57pm]
I really need to get down to business. I need to get back to going to bed at 10:30 every night. This is really difficult when you are twenty-two and live in Manhattan. Give me three months, and I'm going to turn this car around.
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Nice Jugs [21 Jan 2008|12:27pm]

My Jug Band is in the works. While I do not know anything about actually making music or using Garage Band, this is just one step in the direction of starting a jug band.

While I am overjoyed to have today off work, I think it is also important to remember that MLK was a pretty cool cat. I wish I could say I stayed up until 5:30 reflecting upon this fact, but beer and pancakes admittedly played a larger role.

Things have been going generally pretty well lately. I still need to figure some stuff out and rearrange and do some shuffling but you know zee life eez good.
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I can't decide which I like better [08 Jan 2008|06:39pm]
Silver Jews or jug bands (in general)
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2008 [01 Jan 2008|01:22pm]
it's going to be a great yearCollapse )
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The New Apple Store [15 Dec 2007|02:14pm]
Everybody seems to have this big, gigantic boner for the new Apple store in the Meatpacking District. It has these spiral, clear glass stairs and all I could think when I saw them was "what a pervert's dream."
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pet peeve [05 Dec 2007|07:14pm]
When I email someone inviting them to do something and rather than respond they just show up. Then when I don't they're like, "Where are you?" and I'm like god dang man I didn't think you were going to go because you didn't respond ugghgfhgjfbvjdfn the world wide web frustrates me.
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